Daily Task & Time Worksheets for Challenge 2

Here are the worksheets that accompany Challenge 2: Give Your Day a Breathing Room Checkup (the worksheets in the PDF do not have the large logo in front. 😉 ). CLICK HERE TO PRINT A PDF of the daily task and time worksheets.

After you print them out, begin by writing down the tasks you must accomplish each day, estimating how long you think that task will take. Include even the mundane things like sleeping, showering, getting dressed…

Then fill in your schedule on the second sheet: “Task x Time.” As you go through your day, record how much time it actually took you to complete that task and note any unexpected things that came up. Use this information going forward to help you structure your day and build in more breathing room so you don’t feel rushed and stressed.

Daily Task Checklist wm

Time Task Estimater wm