making fruit juice concentrate

(I’m posting this Kitchen Help along with this one to prepare for a recipe I’ll be posting soon.) Ever since I did a three-month fast from sugar (including maple syrup, honey, agave, and for the first two month, dried fruits), I haven’t had much desire to incorporate back into my diet. Not only did eliminating […]

toasting nuts

I’ve burned many a thing in the kitchen either due to impatience or lack of attention…including my fingers. And sometimes I forget to account for minor, yet important, details in recipes. Like roasted nuts. Roasting brings out their flavor, adding new dimension to a recipe which is why it’s  a good idea to use roasted […]

keeping fresh herbs fresh

This cooking tip is one I learned from my mom. Since a good number of my favorite lunch, dinner and dressing recipes call for fresh parsley and cilantro, but in smaller quantities than are available for purchase, I found I often was pitching copious slimy remains of unused herbs. Mom to the rescue. She suggested […]