First thing you need to know: I didn’t always follow a plant-based diet.

I think it’s important for you to know that, especially if you’re not a plant-based eater or are skeptical if it’s even possible to eat this way.

If you had told me years ago, before I made the switch, that I would be eating a plant-based diet, I would have laughed and said you were crazy. I thought I could never give up cheese and wasn’t very adventurous in my veggie-eating and believed I already was eating healthy.

And then my dad was diagnosed with heart disease.

That was my wake up call to take a hard look at my own diet plus support him in trying to avoid surgery by going plant-based. He ended up needing the surgery, but by then, I was in love with this new way of eating and decided to keep it up.

While it was tough at first and even brought me to tears at times, I found switching to a plant-based diet not only improved my health, but it provided an outlet for the creative bent God gave me and Wildberry Press was born.


And then I upgraded my health again…

A couple years after going plant-based, I was still experiencing annoying systems in my digestive system and suspected a systemic yeast overgrowth. I felt God continually nudging me to fast from sugar for three months, but it took awhile before I worked up the courage to do it.

It was tough. Harder even than going plant-based because I followed an extremely strict diet that included zero added sugars for three months plus initially limiting the fruits and veggies I ate that contained higher levels of naturally occurring sugars.

But it again changed my health for the better… not only did it drastically reduce the digestive issues I experienced, but I also felt less anxious and was able to decrease the seasonal allergy medication I needed.


A few other tidbits about me:

  • Jesus first
  • My husband and I have four children who all have very different taste buds despite being born from the same genetic pool
  • Tea over coffee
  • I can’t pick a favorite color…it depends on my mood
  • Extra-Introvert (I like connecting with people but need a quiet place to recharge)
  • I was born in one country, been a citizen of two and lived in three
  • Morning person


If you still want to get to know me a little better and learn about my approach to a plant-based diet, see this Q&A.





Are any of these missing from your diet?

Not all plant-based diets (PBD) are created equal. If you're missing any of these essentials from your diet, besides key nutrients that help your body function at its best, you may be missing out on:

  • increased energy
  • better health
  • dropping unnecessary weight
  • reduced cravings for carbs and sugar

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2 Replies to “About”

  1. Hey Andrea!! I just wanted to say thanks for opening my eyes… I should have never ever posted that post with so many negative vibes :S sometimes I just write what I’m feeling at the moment!! thank you again <3

    1. You’re welcome…and don’t apologize for what you feel when you write – it’s honest and helps keep things real in an e-world which can all too easily be made to look perfect. 🙂

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