the back story

Hello and welcome to wildberry press, a plant-based food + life blog.

I started wildberry press to easily provide family and friends with the recipes I make for them. It’s also a creative outlet for me, which is why you may see some life-related posts tucked in among the recipes.

To help you understand the style and philosophy behind wildberry press, please browse these pages at your leisure:

a little about me

about the recipes

why I changed the way I eat

thoughts on cooking

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2 Replies to “the back story”

  1. Hey Andrea!! I just wanted to say thanks for opening my eyes… I should have never ever posted that post with so many negative vibes :S sometimes I just write what I’m feeling at the moment!! thank you again <3

    1. You’re welcome…and don’t apologize for what you feel when you write – it’s honest and helps keep things real in an e-world which can all too easily be made to look perfect. 🙂

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