when pain isn’t gain and something new!

If you’re viewing this page in a reader or through email, you may not know about the new companion Facebook like page I’ve created for wildberrypress:

FB header 1

You can click on the picture to be directed to the like page or on this one: www.facebook.com/wildberrycoach.

Why head over and “Like” Wildberry Coach?

I post multiple times a day there on fitness + plant-based nutrition and sprinkle in encouragement, glimpses of family life and share about my faith.

It is designed to be more interactive and captures moments and information that would be too unwieldy to post on a blog. And for now, I’d like to keep Wildberry press more food-focused. I’m also exciting about posting videos there, including LIVE Facebook videos where you can interact with me in real time.

In fact, head on over there now to see what I’ve shared about when pain isn’t gain and for details when I’ll do a LIVE post on this…

And come back here tomorrow where I’ll share an Earth Day-inspired recipe. 🙂


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